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to enhance user experience for working professionals

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RIJX provides the tools to help every business unleash their full potential.


RIJX Bookkeeper

Structure your business finances efficiently in one bookkeeping system. Easily process purchase receipts, bank transactions, invoice payments and create invoices, orders and quotations with ease.



Feel in control of your website with the RIJX CMS. Custom made screens to manage your website content make entering data much easier. Build advanced pages, write blog posts and create landing pages with relative ease.


RIJX eCommerce

Whether you're an existing or a new webshop, you can process more orders with RIJX eCommerce. The system seamlessly integrates with all your existing software to really make your webshop part of your core business.

A customer success story

What RIJX did for Bugaboo

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Helping businesses take control of their software

The software your business uses needs to speed up and support your process.

Tailor made

Your Own Software

Your business is unique. There is no software that is exactly 100% to your business needs. Except when it's built for and with you.

Maintenance and Replacement

Legacy Software

Software that is now considered old and outdated helped build and grow your business. It's important to keep it working or to find or build adequate replacements.

Best of both worlds

Developer Training

Get your developers up to speed with the latest technology. We only teach what we use and what is relevant for your business.

About RIJX

RIJX is the real life form of an organization that puts user experience of its software before anything else. If we do something then we do it right.

Too many times we use software ourselves and encounter bugs, crashes and poor usability. Not rewriting the software that bothers us is already a challenge on its own, because in this day and age quality seems to come last in this increasingly digital world.

If you wonder who is "we" then I'd like to uncover that mystery for you immediately: RIJX is founded by Mitchell de Rijcke who is a Freelance Node.js Software Developer and the "we" are contractors and partners to help with the work that doesn't involve code.

The company is a sole proprietorship registered under KvK number 68566565 as De Rijcke Software. It's located in Purmerend, which is a beautiful town but we like Amsterdam just a little bit more.

"Mitchell was able to contribute in no time to our new project. He seamlessly integrated in the team, was open minded and willing to learn and share his knowledge with others. He could boldly tackle new types of problems and help at all levels of delivering the project's software: From participating in the architectural decision making to writing maintainable code. It was a delight to have him around."

Mohamed Ben Mohamed, Senior Engineer and Systems Architect at Bugaboo

"Mitchell has proved to be a valuable team member at Bugaboo. He brought his own, valuable expertise, and was a contributing team member almost immediately, but he was also able to learn quickly when venturing into new areas. He was a regular, constructive contributor to group conversations, and always ready with a witty remark, to keep the atmosphere light."

Jonathan Hall, Dev Manager at Bugaboo

"I really enjoyed working with Mitchell, he is very passionate about his work and has a great sense of humour. Mitchell always showed an exemplary commitment and a strong drive to come up with the smartest solution and deliver it within the shortest timeframe. He also understands the needs of the business, which I believe is an invaluable skill to have as a developer. Mitchell is very smart, knowledgeable and a great team player. I would love to work with him again!""

Erica Gasparini, Freelance Product Owner at Bugaboo


If you have questions or documents that you want to send to us then you can use this e-mail address.

+31 20 301 4321

We love a good chat. If you tell us what you're struggling with then we'll tell you how we can help.