About RIJX

It's nice to know who you're dealing with.

Mitchell de Rijcke: Founder of RIJX

Founder of RIJX

I have been working in the IT industry for more than 5 years.

I have noticed that because of the accelerating demand for software the average quality has decreared. With RIJX I want to bring that average back up.

Our mission is to make the working life of our users more pleasant and less stressful.

Our mission

It's not always about building new things. The difference is especially in the details: one progressbar less, a more clearer interface or a less complicated workflow.

Helping users to be able to do their work faster and enjoying it more. That's our goal. That's how we want to make a difference.


Sharing our Open Source solutions with the world.


Research and development of software products.


Complementing of software expertise at other companies.

Key to success

  • Write code like a poem: ease of maintenance is the most important aspect of code to us.
  • Think big, start small: we like to anticipate, but we can only test one thing at a time.
  • Balance techniques: we continuously balance the use of new techniques and proven ones against each other.
  • Make choices: what we do, we do well. Otherwise we don't do it (yet).

Key to happiness

  • Be involved: feel responsible for what all of us create together and contribute something you're good at.
  • Bundle strengths: by working together on what we know best we can become better as a whole.
  • Keep growing: if you keep learning new things you can do more for the business and the business more for you.
  • Have fun: be proud, celebrate victories, give compliments and enjoy every day!