Customer Story: Bugaboo Feed

Helping consumers find their dream stroller.

Bugaboo has been making strollers for over two decades.

Over the years they have established a strong brand image and stores all over the world.

Their next big challenge was to get all their products into online marketplaces.

Bugaboo uses a lot of different systems internally to store their product data.

This meant that existing solutions could not be used as is to get them into online marketplaces as fast as possible.

To reach the goal a new project was started: The Bugaboo Ecommerce Feed.

Bugaboo had already started converting their legacy systems to use a modern node.js architecture.

This new project would pull information from the internal systems, collect it and send it to a channel distributor.

To get this project off the ground as soon as possible we were hired by Bugaboo to construct the foundation of the project.

We had five months to:

  • build an architecture
  • test and verify all data
  • do multiple releases
  • train Bugaboo’s developers

It was very important to us that the project had to be easy to maintain by Bugaboo’s developers.

We are pleased to say that we put all Bugaboo's products in all relevant online marketplaces.

We provided the necessary guidance to their developers to continue building upon our foundational work.

Together with Bugaboo's developers we implemented the following to make the project more resilient and to make it easier for future developers to work on the project:

  • Unit tests
  • Logging
  • Code standards / formatting
  • Continuous integration / test pipeline
  • Automated deployment
  • Git flow / MRs procedure
  • Monitoring

We are proud to have left the project with 92% test coverage and well trained developers who will continue building on the foundation that we built.

"Mitchell was able to contribute in no time to our new project. He seamlessly integrated in the team, was open minded and willing to learn and share his knowledge with others. He could boldly tackle new types of problems and help at all levels of delivering the project's software: From participating in the architectural decision making to writing maintainable code. It was a delight to have him around."

Mohamed Ben Mohamed, Senior Engineer and Systems Architect at Bugaboo

"Mitchell has proved to be a valuable team member at Bugaboo. He brought his own, valuable expertise, and was a contributing team member almost immediately, but he was also able to learn quickly when venturing into new areas. He was a regular, constructive contributor to group conversations, and always ready with a witty remark, to keep the atmosphere light."

Jonathan Hall, Dev Manager at Bugaboo

"I really enjoyed working with Mitchell, he is very passionate about his work and has a great sense of humour. Mitchell always showed an exemplary commitment and a strong drive to come up with the smartest solution and deliver it within the shortest timeframe. He also understands the needs of the business, which I believe is an invaluable skill to have as a developer. Mitchell is very smart, knowledgeable and a great team player. I would love to work with him again!""

Erica Gasparini, Freelance Product Owner at Bugaboo