Application UI framework for the web that scales to any size.

What is React?

React is a virtual DOM framework that compiles to regular JavaScript. It embeds XML in JS called JSX to not introduce custom control flow logic.

What makes React a competitive choice:

  • Actively maintained by Facebook
  • No magic code involved
  • Components are regular JS functions and classes

React makes it painless to create interactive UIs

React was created by Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook. He was influenced by XHP, an HTML component framework for PHP. It was first deployed on Facebook's newsfeed in 2011 and later on in 2012. It was open-sourced at JSConf US in May 2013.

Our experience with React

For our open source XMPP client we decided to switch from a Vue prototype to React. For us it was very important that we could build a library that would allow anyone to build their own XMPP client with it. React integrated without a problem and made updating the UI easy and predictable.

There’s a lot of frameworks available to make React easier to use. We like React a lot because the concepts are intentionally kept simple, so there is little technical debt incurred. We’d use React for any size project.

Code example: a to do list

In the editor below you can take a look at what a basic implementation of a to do list looks like in React.

Companies you may know that use React